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Close agreements 10X faster

Leave word processors, legacy tools and old-fashioned “sign and store” systems in the dust. ContractRoom’s unique online negotiation, deeply automated document assembly, and enhanced workflow management let you close agreements 10X faster.


Forget redlining in Word, back and forth by email, and version control nightmares. ContractRoom’s online negotiation environment lets all parties get to “yes” in record time. Onboard your counterparties in seconds for true multi-party collaboration. Accept or reject any clause with a click. See the full history of what changed and who changed it. When you need to flex, select from a library of pre-approved substitute terms without waiting for manual exception approvals. Once the contract is agreed, execute it immediately via eSignature or ink.


Unique Online Negotiation Environment


Automated Document Assembly

Friends don’t let friends (or coworkers) waste hours manually assembling contract documents. Instead, let ContractRoom’s deeply automated document drafting and assembly save you thousands of hours of work.

Start with self-service request management, and flow seamlessly into automatic document drafting from approved contract templates and content. Your whole legal playbook of allowed terms and conditions can be baked right in. The resulting draft then goes into an automated workflow for approvals.

Don’t let your contracts get stuck in slow, error-prone manual workflows. Let them fly through workflow automation software enhanced with artificial intelligence.

Implement any business rule on fully digitized process and content, making offline “black holes” a thing of the past. With ContractRoom, routine approvals become automatic, exceptions are flagged and speed and compliance live in harmony at last.


Enhanced Workflow Automation

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