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X-ray specs for contracts

Want your contract process to get constantly smarter, and feed insights back to you? Us too! That’s why we built an intelligent contract repository with deep content search, driving powerful contract analytics and reporting. It’s like X-ray specs for contracts.


Wouldn’t it be great if your contracting process got smarter every time it processed a document? That’s the idea behind ContractRoom’s intelligent contract repository.

With a quarter billion data points from half a million contracts and counting, the intelligent contract repository captures more content and process data from every document than any other system. 


Intelligent Contract Repository


Deep Content Search

What are you looking for? ContractRoom gives you deep content search on your contracts, even legacy ones that weren’t created in it!

Want to find every contract with a specific vendor or every contract about to expire? Too easy. How about legal exposure from a problem clause by finding every contract that uses that language? Deep content search does that too. You can even step up obligation management by searching your obligations in a family of related contracts. That’s deep!

ContractRoom’s analytics give you unique insight into both contract content and process. Want to measure the velocity of your contract creation? Done!

Want to know where in the workflow your contracts are getting stuck? And with whom? No problem. You can even quickly discover the prevalence of risk in your contract portfolio.

It’s like X-ray specs for your contracts.


Contract Analytics and Reporting

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