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Complete control over contract compliance

Control freaks welcome! ContractRoom ensures contract compliance with an end-to-end digitized process, complete content digitization, and rule-based routing. It’s complete control without the stress.


Redlines in Word? Email attachments? Unauthorized changes and version control nightmares? Every time your contracting process goes offline, you lose visibility and control.

ContractRoom digitizes your contracting process end-to-end, eliminating offline “black holes” for good. Every step is tracked. Every change is authorized Every version is preserved and auditable down to individual clauses. Never again wonder who did what. With ContractRoom, your process is transparent from start to finish.


End-to-End Digitized Process


Complete Content Digitization

Are your users sticking with authorized contract content? How about the  latest version? With ContractRoom they are. ContractRoom’s complete content digitization ensures accuracy.

Easily build your entire library of terms and clauses into the dynamic clause library. For the times your users need to flex, you can even embed your legal playbook of pre-authorized substitute clauses.

Automating workflow isn’t just efficient, it’s critical to controlling your contracting process. ContractRoom’s rule-based routing and approvals drive compliance.

ContractRoom replaces tangled email threads with your business rules for routing and approvals. Routine items fly through, while exceptions are automatically escalated. Even complex multi-tier or matrix approval chains are handled with ease. You’ll never again have to wonder where a contract is in the process, or whether it is correctly authorized. With ContractRoom, you’ll always know.


Rule-Based Routing and Approvals

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