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NASDAQ-listed media tech corporation

icon_check_circle 90% shorter negotiations

The company selected ContractRoom (over its internal team and an ERP system) to streamline the contracting operations of its ‘Deal Desk’ and the Sourcing group. ContractRoom launched a solution with both teams within 60 days and their negotiation cycles have been cut by 90%.

  • Create sales contracts 10X faster with self-service requests and drafting. 
  • Complete customer contracts faster with pre-approved language and fallback provisions.
  • Automate collaboration with your team and with customers to eliminate slowdowns and deal-killing errors.
  • Manage approvals by exception with automated workflow that lets standard terms zip through. 
  • Get automatic alerts for approvals and upcoming renewals.
  • Track contract closing speed and compliance for each sales rep.
  • Easily deep search prior contracts and documentation for reference.
  • Do it all on the go with complete mobile support.

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