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S&P 500 global consulting corporation

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With $25 billion in revenue and 170,000 employees, the company needed new legal technology to help its Legal and Compliance teams to transform contract management enterprise-wide. 75 offshore legal ‘dispatchers’ were trained on this new legal tech in less than an hour to handle contract requests. Today these dispatchers process more than 20,000 staff contract requests 75% faster than before, with 90% greater accuracy.

  • Enable self-service with automated exception management.
  • Build your legal playbook of pre-approved content and fall-back provisions into a dynamic clause library.
  • Automatically enforce use of most recent versions.
  • Control editing rights and lock down legal clauses to eliminate unauthorized exceptions.
  • Slash cycle times to provide the best and most efficient legal service to the business.
  • Know which legal content is slowing the closing cycle.
  • Gain visibility with reporting and analytics on the contracting process end-to-end in one legal technology solution.

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