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Automate workflows, speed negotiation and increase productivity of business and legal operations

Global 500 logistics company

icon_check_circle 10X faster cycle time

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This 350,000 employee, publicly traded logistics conglomerate chose ContractRoom to consolidate its contracting activities and streamline legal operations for negotiated deals across multiple international subsidiaries. ContractRoom has implemented a secure, fully digitized contracting process to accelerate cycle times by at least 10X. In addition, legal operations and all deal teams have precise search and reporting capability from a unified contract repository.

  • Deliver digital transformation with the most complete end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management solution.
  • Configure, don’t code, the exact solution for your unique requirements.
  • Capture required approvals in less time using fewer resources.
  • Remove unnecessary friction between legal operations and business departments with faster processes and streamlined multi-party negotiation.
  • Centralize all contracting into one repository with deep analytics.
  • Give business and legal operations complete visibility into risks and opportunities in your contracting pipeline.
  • Leverage activity and content data to improve your contracting process.

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