5 Myths About Contract Management - Fake News

All of the excuses for why you’ve postponed implementing a Contract Lifecycle Management Solution have been debunked. If you’ve been holding off for one of the 5 reasons below, it’s time to change your tune - they are all FAKE NEWS. 
  1. Contract management software is expensive
  2. Implementation is difficult and lengthy
  3. Realizing a return on investment (ROI) may take years
  4. A central contract repository is sufficient to manage contracts
  5. Emailing redlined documents back and forth is still the standard

These are all myths and you’ll find out why, when you tune into this informative webinar and learn how you can accelerate contract execution, bring profit to the bottom line, draft better contracts and improve obligation management.


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Valentina Albarran
Attorney and CLM Solution Consultant

... joined by Dale Burkett and Tyler Stevens (25+ combined years in CLM)