Shortens time to close deals

Give us your paper!
We'll create Collaboration Frameworks for your agreements,
making them available for you and your counterparty to collaborate in ContractRoom.

Create a proposal

Easily see each agreement section and terms.
Send Now.
Notify your team to approve or the counterparty to review.
Build a proposal with term details that are unique to each agreement.

Collaborate on business terms

Immediately verify an agreement.
Click on History to see a complete history of collaboration.
Collaborate quickly.
Comment, communicate and get consensus with your team or the counterparty.
Preview Document. Review the real-time version of the agreement.
Speed Term Review.
The counterparty OKs or not OKs term details for his team's or yours' review.

Collaborate on legal text

Redline Redefined. ContractRoom provides a clear-cut process to modifying agreement text. This powerful editing solution ensures foolproof text modification and approvals everytime.

Your team reviews request.
You accept, reject or suggest a different rewrite.
Request Change.
The Counterparty highlights the text to be modified and suggests a text rewrite or reason for modification.
The designated editor modifies document once both parties agree on text change.
ContractRoom's History functionality provides flawless record-keeping, compliance and drafting execution.

Real-time document preview

See it now.
Click on the Preview Button for on-demand preview.
See it right.
ContractRoom rebuilds the agreement real-time ensuring you are viewing the most recently reviewed version.

Collaborate with a team or work alone

Define the rules of engagement.
Easily define your and/or your team's collaboration roles and responsibilities.
Add team members.

Secure system allows for efficient participation with access control and activity log.

Streamlined communication

Collaborate, communicate, and keep the deal moving with email alerts, system pop ups and public and private comments.

System pop ups.
Provide real-time roadmaps.
Email notification.
Email alerts notify of status or action required.
Share comments.
Communicate privately with your team or publicly with the counterparty.

Electronic signature

Never miss a signature or initial again. ContractRoom automatically populates signature fields.
Sign securely once both parties have agreed to all terms.

Anytime, anywhere...

From your desktop, iPad or Smartphone, collaborate anywhere, anytime
there is internet access.

...in any language

Speed global business.
Multi-lingual capability facilitates global negotiations and contracting (Coming Soon).

Collaborate with your team or work on your own.
Communicate seamlessly. Get consensus faster.
Make changes flawlessly. Sign anywhere, anytime.
ContractRoom shortens the time to close a deal, reduces transaction waste and improves control over business.