How we streamline entire contracting process for buyers and sellers



Speed & Productivity

Facilitating contract authoring and verifiable agreement systematically

Framework Configuration

Transform your "paper" documents into fully configuration data-based collaboration frameworks to control your agreement building process and content.

Multiparty Collaboration

Work online with your internal team and externally with your counterparties to reach fast and efficient consensus. Collaborate on terms and text while capturing transaction data, not just from the contract result but from the entire process.

Agreement Construction

Drive standardization, efficiency and control of your authoring efforts. Define collaborative editing rules and deploy pre-approved legal content ("dynamic playbook") to expedite agreement-building and approvals.

Contract Execution

Complete and sign your agreements electronically via ContractRoom system or integration with a third-party e-Signature tool.

Control & Compliance

Automating workflows and enforcing contract compliance.

Workflow Management

Automate and assign tasks that must take place before, during or after a contract is negotiated and executed, improving control over business and risk management.

Contract Compliance

Track timely execution of contracted commitments systematically. ContractRoom will automatically push users so as to guarantee tasks are performed on time, on budget and on spec, while providing full visibility of the entire process.

Agreement Archive

Automatically store agreements executed online or offline. Search your transactional data and access agreements efficiently from any device at any time. Flexibly organize, connect, and share your contracts and associated documents.

Contract Management

Import and capture data from agreements executed offline. Automatically create reminders and alerts from contract terms. Seamlessly launch amendments and link via parent/child mapping. Utilize native agreement calendar or integrate with your own tools (such as Outlook, Gmail and Calendar).

Analytics & Intelligence

Leveraging transaction data to improve business controls and performance.

Data Leveraging

Benefit from all the data never before captured via ContractRoom's end-to-end platform. Use standard or custom analytics for better understanding of your business activity and for enhanced transactional decision-making.

Vendor Optimization

Optimize your supplier selection process by analyzing historical performance data. Automatically generate contract compliance statistics post contract execution. Share analytics from your organization’s prior negotiation, collaboration and fulfillment experience, internally or even externally.


Streamlining B2B negotiation, contracting and deal analytics

How your organization benefits from our platform

ContractRoom for Corporations

ContractRoom saves enterprises time and money by automating the process of negotiating agreements and managing contract workflows; therein, improving employee productivity and B2B transactional decision-making.

ContractRoom for Government

ConctractRoom shortens and streamlines the procurement contracting process for governments, moving from highly manual processes into a more collaborative, data-base driven approach, which enhances transparency, accuracy and control.

Procurement & Purchasing

Control document creation to mitigate legal risk. Reduce overall RFP/ITN processing time. Better visibility and leverage over savings opportunities. Hold vendors accountable for compliance breaches.

Sales & Sales Operations

Get more agreements completed faster. Monitor collaboration internally and externally from proposal to contract. Get automatic alerts of any legal and/or business changes affecting renewals.


Improve control over contracting content and approval process. Reduce risk through active compliance of contracting and workflow. Automated contract preparation ("discovery") for legal proceedings.


Accelerate employee onboarding via automated document triggering. Automate contract updates and execution for changes in employee regulations. Optimize approval workflows for annual reviews, bonuses, stock grants, etc.


Improve work collaboration among internal and external users. Increase visibility over pipeline, risks and opportunities. Leverage data for improved process efficiences and transactional decision-making.


Reduce closing time to enhance employee productivity and drive down transactional costs. Cut errors in business term negotiations and payment terms contracting. Improve revenue recognition with greater control over sales contracting process.


Starting at
per user /month

Minimum $2,000/mo per account

Invite unlimited counterparty
users to collaborate for FREE.

Control 100% Data-Driven Speed 75%+ Faster Contracting Accuracy 50%+ Less Errors Savings 20%+ Less Expenses

Above results based on ContractRoom usage statistics and user feedback.

ContractRoom integrates with the world's leading CRM and ERP platforms


Existing software, such as Contract Management and e-Signature, only digitize a portion of the contracting process, while everything else remains manual – particularly, the negotiation phase before the contract is signed.

ContractRoom is a truly unique solution that fills this significant gap in the enterprise software landscape via its end-to-end Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform.

Users of ContractRoom are now discovering the power of data-driven, verifiable negotiation and contracting. It streamlines the entire collaboration, contracting and compliance process between buyers and suppliers for any business-to-business transaction.

With the potential for 100% automation, ContractRoom is enabling organizations of any size to realize significant improvements in contracting speed, accuracy and savings.






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